Aniwa Ocean View Bungalows

Aniwa Ocean View Bungalows are proud to welcome you to their locally owned and operated accommodation in Aniwa Island, Tafea province, Vanuatu. Being a calm and peaceful location where there aren’t any noises from machineries in the remote island, our bungalows are built on the edge of the hill and wire by solar lights where the ocean breeze blows gently to your door.

Advantages of Aniwa Ocean View Bungalows are that you can walk down to the beautiful coral reefs, white sun beaches, and you can observe the scenic view of the Southern Ocean and glow sky by natural fireworks of the Yasur volcano in Tanna. Aniwa Ocean View Bungalows are also truly a snorkeler’s paradise. Furthermore, from Aniwa Ocean View Bungalows, you can see dolphins, turtles and whales. Coconut crabs are Aniwa’s non–venomous reptiles can be observed at night by walking into protected rainforest and caves.


Ikaokao, Aniwa Island

+678 561 6506 or +678 596 4778