Malekula & Malampa Province

Malampa province is located in the centre of Vanuatu. The province consists of the islands of MALekula, AMbrym and PAama, creating the name MALAMPA.

The province is famous for its active volcanoes, cultural festivals and bush hikes. The province hosts three volcanoes: Mt. Marum and Mt. Benbow of Ambrym’s interior and the volcanic island of Lopevie, best viewed from the small island of Paama.

Malampa province offers more than live volcano experiences, you can snorkel with dugong in the Maskylnes, meet the ancient tribes of Malekula called Big Nambas or Small Nambas, discover the ancient cannibal sites, trek through he jungle to discover remote waterfalls and so much moreā€¦

Malampa province offers a rich cultural heritage as well as an untouched natural beauty!